3D Digital Game Art Design

Learn the various game design roles, responsibilities of designers, production methods and development stages. Understand and utilize the art fundamentals to be used to create Game Art. Learn the fundamentals of Light, Color and Perspectives. Understand and learn the importance of narrative elements in games which helps in designing strong characters, intriguing worlds and compelling stories. Learn to Create a Game Design Document (GDD) using the tools, techniques and practical advice. Create your own Game Character designs by learning from practical character-design example for an existing game. Explore and understand the theory behind Game Design and the creation of mechanics that are fun to play. You will learn about the roles of conflict, combat systems, game complexity, and depth.


Course Details

Courses Modules


10+2 (Arts/ Science/ Commerce)/ College students

Course Duration

17 months (2 hours a day for 3 days a week).

Career Options

On completion the programs open up various job roles in new media. VFX Compositor, VFX Designer, 3D Asset Artist, Rotomation Artist, Roto & Roto-prep Artist, Matchmoving Artist, Video Editor.

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